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Please come sit on the bench with Elizabeth in the park
We finally have a statue of Johnstown’s world famous suffrage daughter in the Main Street Park ...   between the Courthouse and where her house once stood, at the site of the Berkshire Bank. It has taken a dozen years to make this happen and worth celebrating. 


Elizabeth Cady Stanton  1815 - 1902

An American leader whose passion for women's right's was forged during her childhood in Johnstown, New York. Elizabeth, one of eleven children of Margaret Livingston Cady, and Judge Daniel Cady. She got her start as an activist when she married (in a ceremony omitting the word obey), Henry Brewster Stanton, who was a well-known abolitionist. Elizabeth was very active in the movement until she discovered that women were not allowed a voice in that battle. Due to her (very rare for a woman of that period), legal upbringing, Elizabeth was self-confident, extremely intelligent, determined, wise and an excellent writer. She spent 50 years as a leading voice in the women’s rights movement traveling America and battling for all women’s right to vote.


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