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The United Presbyterian Church of Johnstown. - The original members of this society were from Scotland, or of Scotch descent. The church was organized in March, 1828, in connection with the denomination known at that time as the Associate Church of North America. In 1858 this body united with the Associate Reformed Church, and thus established the present United Presbyterian Church.

The original members were Daniel Walker, John McNab, John D. Walker, Gilbert Walker, John Walker, Duncan Campbell, Peter McKie, Peter Stewart, David Walker, Robert Kirkpatrick, Elizabeth Walker, Margaret McNab, Catherine Walker, Jane Walker, Margaret Walker, Catherine Campbell, Girsel McKie, Jane Stewart, Isabel Walker, and Catherine McNab.

The first elders were, John McNab and John D. Walker. The successive pastors have been: Rev. J. G. Smart, 1830-1837; Rev. A. Gordon, 1844-1845; Rev. A. Thomas, 1858-1863; Rev. J. A. Williamson, 1864 to the present time.

The first church edifice was a frame building built in 1830, on North Market Street. It was afterwards sold and remodeled into a glove factory. The present handsome brick structure on South Market street was erected in 1869, and is one of Johnstown's most imposing church edifices.



1894 - 1903          Dr. Joseph H. France

1903 - 1928         Dr. Charles McKenzie

1929 - 1957         Rev. Raymond A. Ketchledge

1957 - 1962         Rev. Nathaniel T. Goodwin

1962 - 1968         Rev. Robert S. Magee

1966 - 1969         Rev. Berry L. Cox  Assistant Pastor

1969 - 1985         Rev. E. Elwood Carey

1970 - 1975         Rev. Barry Paul Murr

1998 - 2012         Dr. Earl S. Johnson

2014 -  present    Rev. Leonard Sponaugle




Organist/choir director  Ann Stefka
Youth Director  Nicole Carey
Sexton  Paul Wittman
Secretary  Patricia E. Hamel
Treasurer  Laura M. Ruehle



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